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  4. bimboisbetter:

    "What do you think, Sir? The hair was the hardest part - hers doesn’t curl naturally like mine, so getting it to do that was kinda tricky. But getting the color to match wasn’t too bad. I think I did a pretty good job with the makeup - don’t you think so, Sir?

    "She isn’t talking much yet - still pretty dazed from the treatment, I guess! - but I just know when she does she’ll be thinking and talking just like me! You won’t be able to tell us apart!

    "Well, maybe you will. You know me pretty well! But once my sister comes to visit, and you give her the treatment, too, like you wanted… well, she and I already look alike! You’ll really have some identical bimbo dollies then!”

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  5. sweetcurvyhotwife:


    so sweet to find fan-mail like this in my box.

    lots of thanks to sweetcurvyhotwife and his fat cunt-pig for this precious present

    Thanks for posting the pig…

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  6. 666marlin:




    Slutty whore wife for rough use

    I love the sound of “no limits use”.  I doubt it’s true though.

    I don’t have any limts for the pig

    of course, pig-whore.

    what else is some saggy and sloppy fuckmeat like yours good for?

    You name it, she’ll do it or take a beating

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  7. Euch allen einen schönen Vatertag morgen!!!

  8. ohhowdegrading:

    Watch how quickly he turns her from a captive to a pliant cocksucker. Sucking a guy off is always a pleasure after enduring some serious pain.

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  10. extremeperversity2:

    i love the brainless look in her eyes.  Look how long her udders are stretched, they clearly nailed her first, then dragged her backward by her feet until her nipples started to bleed.

    Look atthose eyes again, clearly she’s had so much pain, she can’t even think straight anymore, and yet she lookslike she’s in heaven, because she knows her purpose now

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